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The Founder's Story

"As a senior manager I was constantly overwhelmed, tired, but work was discharging and charging my inner battery at the same time. I never had enough. Holidays, weekends, birthdays, Christmases, a managerial mode was always switched on in my head.

As soon as I started to relax, I had a headache for a week straight so any trips shorter than three weeks meant that there was no chance for my body to relax.

So, I burned out. Twice. Because when it happens for the first time and you handle it, you feel like it can’t happen again. However, if you don’t learn your lesson, it will keep happening.

After several years of struggling with severe depression, I managed to make major changes in my life. Without antidepressants or any other psychotropic drugs. Then, I decided to pass on my experience by creating a comprehensive program designed to help prevent the same state of mind I had previously experienced and to actively address the underlying causes.

That is why in Soulmio, we focus on handling stress, the causes of depression, coping with the feeling of being misunderstood, losing oneself and not seeing any self-worth.

We help our clients improve their managerial skills, cope with emotions at work, polish up the art of feedback, conflict resolution and efficient time management, and guide them towards taking full responsibility for their happy lives. We put a great emphasis on the prevention of burnouts, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.”

                                                                                                                                        Simona Zabrzova

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