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Our Team

Not only do we have enthusiasm and drive, but we also have many years of experience and expertise. We base the development of our unique mental health program for companies on our own experience, psychological practice and psychological metrics. We open sensitive topics and offer both prevention and solutions to complex personal and team development situations. Last but not least, we love the feeling that we really helped someone and improved the quality of their work and private life.

Simona Zábržová %7C CEO Soulmio.comSimona Zábržová
Founder of Soulmio, CEO

For more than 15 years, Simona has been operating in the business environment across various fields, including IT and e-commerce. She worked as the CEO for Giftisimo and Bushman and is a sought-after business consultant. For the last three years, she has been intensively focusing on mental health, its support and prevention. 

She came up with the idea of her start-up, Soulmio, in 2016 when she first encountered burnout and went through many therapy sessions and seminars. She worked on the details of the entire idea in 2019 and launched the comprehensive mental health program for companies in May 2020.

Janina Dvořáková
Brand & Content Director

Janina is an energetic and creative marketer, consultant, mentor and a creative soul who specializes primarily in brand management, communication with the customer and content marketing. She kicked off her career more than 15 years ago as a complete rookie with Seznam.cz and has remained in the online environment ever since.

Among other things, she was in charge of marketing for the global brand Monster in the CEE region, and worked as the head of marketing for the Czech brand KetoDiet for more than 8 years. She is actively interested in the healthy lifestyle, personal development and work-life balance.

Sandra Fridrichová
Company Workshops & LiveStreams

Sandra has spent most of her work life in the financial sector. From project management, to education, sales promotion and business development, she made it all the way to strategic marketing and customer experience, and eventually came to the conclusion that the success of every company stands and falls mainly with people.

She is the founder of the Pro lepší život v práci (For a Better Work Life) project and uses her philosophy and extensive experience to encourage companies to make changes that connect the corporate vision, culture and the real environment. She says that her mission is to revive broken and dysfunctional teams which is also her goal in Soulmio company workshops.

Ing. Karolína Risser, MBA
Senior Business Manager

Karolína has had a successful twenty-year career, first as a project manager in banks and then as a team leader of a group of consultants at the consulting firm PwC. After personal experience with the burnout syndrome, she began to actively engage in well-being, meaningfulness and the search for life balance.

She completed Science of Wellbeing at Yale University, Mindfulness training and nutritional counseling courses. Karolína founded a company that prepares healthy catering and organizes seminars on a healthy lifestyle. Its mission is to help companies and their employees improve their health, physical and mental condition, primarily through the right habits and a balanced diet.

Vlaďka Dvořáková
Account Executive

Vladka likes creativity, communication and diversity, she also enjoys trying new things. She studied math physics, but spent most of her working time in advertising and marketing. The offer of a managerial position brought her to a financial corporation, where she worked as a marketing director for more than 12 years. Today, she uses the gained experience in various projects. She is also involved in fundraising and communication for the non-profit organization Letokruh, which supports senior volunteering. She joined Soulmio because she is a big fan of the idea of ​​psychological prevention for companies.

Lenka Mydlová
Content Creator & Copywriter

Lenka has been involved in content marketing for more than 10 years. Main areas of her expertise and interest are HR, employee wellbeing and personal development. Lenka was a writer for the largest Czech job portals: Jobs.cz and Prace.cz. She was also a head of internal communication and led an online HR café. She was in charge of marketing for Corporate Mindfulness Teacher Training or employee surveys Arnold Robot. 

Lenka is a certified aromatherapist and a yoga teacher. She hasn't experienced burnout and hopes she never will. 

Mgr. Bc. Zuzana DonáthováMgr. Bc. Zuzana Donáthová
Online Counseling

Zuzana is a physiotherapist and psychologist, as well as a yoga instructor who, after graduating from the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Physical Education at Charles University, gained her experience in psychological and clinical diagnostics and counseling at the Military Hospital in Prague and the Roseta Comprehensive Care Center where she has been working for nearly 10 years. 

She specializes primarily in psychological counseling in the psychosomatic area, support and intensification of cooperation among the team of psychologists and physiotherapists. She offers personal development and burnout prevention seminars. She has completed crisis intervention training and is the lead professional supervisor of the Soulmio Online Counseling.

Martina Wojtylová OpavaMartina Wojtylová Opava, MBA
Mental Wellness

Martina is a personal and corporate coach, a soft skills coach, a motivational speaker as well as a mother of two and the author of books ‘One’ – Your Wellness Guide to Body and Mind & Soul which received the title of Amazon Best Seller in the Mental Health category. She is the founder of the Women’s Energy program, the LA VIDA LOCA Endowment Fund and a co-founder of the Život v kufříku (Life in a Suitcase) project.

She has worked with very demanding clients in the world’s largest cities, and has designed and headed development programs for major companies. In the Soulmio Mental Wellness program, she focuses her expertise and experience primarily in the area of energy coaching, work-life balance, self-presentation and wellbeing. She considers the success and satisfaction of her clients to be the most amazing feedback and the driving force that propels her forward at work.

Iva Barnincová ŘíhováIva Barnincová Říhová
Mental Wellness

Iva is a body&mind coach, yoga and pilates instructor and communicator, as well as a co-founder of the LA VIDA LOCA Endowment Fund and a co-implementer of the Život v kufříku (Life in a Suitcase) project. She has a passion for discovering connections between the body and mind, exploring the hidden corners of psychosomatics, and finding the source of internal and external energy, using the healing power of touch and kindness. She specializes primarily in the self-discovery of one’s inner world through movement. She believes that the Body & Mind approach is a modern functional medication.

Through her yoga and coaching teachers, she puts her knowledge into action during individual and group yoga classes, wellness stays in the Czech Republic and abroad, and in the Soulmio Mental Wellness program.

Mgr. Nikola ŠraibováMgr. Nikola Šraibová
Company Workshops | Mental Wellness

Nikola has been focusing on psychology and coaching for more than 10 years, is a well-respected mentor, the author of articles on human happiness and psyche, and the mother of two small children. With her clients, she most often addresses relationships that surround us both at home and at work. She focuses on improving communication, finding emotional stability and the ability to confidently succeed in challenging life situations. The extensive experience, which she gained in companies such as Redbull, the Adidas Group and Staropramen, is also reflected in the company workshops.

Which situations does she address?

It is difficult for me to balance my work and personal life.
I am going to back to work after maternity leave and I am not sure whether I can handle it.
I am failing to properly communicate and push for my ideas in my team.
I feel overloaded, I am under permanent stress at work and I don't know how to get out of it.

Ing. Kristína HrdováIng. Kristína Hrdová
Company Workshops

Kristina is a university-educated economist with management experience in IT and manufacturing companies, and an enthusiastic athlete. She is an active coach, headhunter, and leadership and behavioral technique instructor. She specializes in harmonization of relationships, self-discovery and self-management, as well as the essence of team management. 

Her workshops are intended to lead to self-discovery and clarification of one’s needs within the building of a corporate culture, improvement of relationships across teams and promotion of employee loyalty and trust.

Which situations does she address?

I am considering making or I have recently made a career change.
Due to reorganization in my company, I will be or I have been exposed to change.
Everything in my life looks good on the outside but I am not happy with the way things are now.

Jan Penkala
E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

Jan started to focus on e-commerce while studying information management at the University of Economics in Prague. Since then, he has gained over 13 years of experience and worked for some of the leading Czech retailers and online stores. You might have attended some of his lectures at many conferences, workshops and seminars. He specializes in marketing strategies, automation and e-commerce consultation.

Tereza VaněkTereza Vaněk
Event Manager

Tereza is a creative event manager with nearly 5 years of experience in organizing events of various kinds. She gained her experience in the Czech public television (Česká televize) and the private sector, primarily in education and e-commerce. She is currently working on non-profit projects. For example, she is the head of the cultural association called Za radost focusing on the development of the cultural environment in Kostelec n. Černými lesy.

Radim Malota
Web Development

Radim co-founded and runs the online agency SUITU that has helped more than 900 companies with their websites. He is also the architect and author of the MySuitu CMS. Soulmio uses his senior-level experience mainly in web development and UX.


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