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JochmannovaMgr. Zuzana Jochmannova

Languages: English, Czech

Zuzana holds a Master of Psychology degree from the University of Leicester and the Charles University of Prague. During her 17-year life within expatriate communities abroad, Zuzana helped foreigners cope with their challenges with adapting to the new environment and different culture.


Work relationships Personal relationships Culture shock Stress Depression Anxiety Self esteem Major/sudden changes Burnout Dependencies Eating disorders Motivation Grief

Milan Pavlíček

Languages: English, Czech

Milan graduated from philosophy and positive psychology at Charles University, completed comprehensive psychotherapeutic training and works professionally mainly in the field of HR, psychotherapy and coaching. He sees psychotherapy as a care of the soul, a way of growing and nurturing a happier and fuller life. 


Stress Deoressions Anxiety Burnout Work-life balance Psychosomatic problems Loneliness Self confidence Self love Self-development Psychospiritual crisis Work with talented children and adults Life crisis Hypersensitivity HR motivation Leadership Trust in the team Team conflict resolution

EckerMgr. et Mgr. Lenka Ecker

Languages: English, Czech, German

Lenka Ecker completed a bachelor's degree in humanities with a focus on health psychology at the Charles University in Prague and a subsequent master's degree in Psychotherapeutic Studies at the Masaryk University in Brno, as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work and Social Policy at the Charles University. She has completed long-term psychotherapeutic training with an integrative focus.

Personal Relationship Children Eating disorders Stress Depression Fear Anxiety Self-confidence Parenthood

PelletierMgr. Tereza Pelletier

Languages: English, Czech

She graduated from Prague College of Psychological Studies. She is a certified psychotherapist with years of practical experience. She is trained in motivational interviewing. After university she worked at a state institution with troubled youths and their families.


Stress Anxiety Fear Motivation Self-confidence Self-development Emotions Communication Relationships Changes Divorce Motherhood Parenthood Work relations Burn-out syndrome Mourning


WardeckiMgr. Piotr Wardecki

Languages: English, Czech, Polish

Piotr is a member of the Czech Association for Psychotherapy, the Czech Society for Gestalt Therapy and the Czech Association of Supervisors in Helping Professions. A psychotherapist, supervisor and coach. He studied philosophy, pedagogy and theology in Poland and later in the Czech Republic. He specializes in individual psychotherapy and supervision for helping professions.

Stress Depression Anxiety Fear Self-confidence Insomnia Work relationships Personal relationships Burnout Parenthood Personality disorders Intimate topics Domestic violence Motivation Change Remote work Leadership Building trust within a team

​​​​​marčekVladimir Marcek, Ph.D.

Languages: English, Czech

Vladimir loves being a psychotherapist. He has spent 15 years studying psychology, researching giftedness and going through gestalt psychotherapeutic training according to EU standards. He believes in the healing power of the therapeutic relationship, as well as in the individual resources of each person. His free time belongs to his family and long runs in nature. 


Depression Anxiety Social phobia Relationship problems Couple therapy LGBT Talent Personality disorders Existential crisis Sexuality Self-knowledge

Ivona Artus_kruhIvona  Artus

Language: French

Diplômée en Master II en psychologie clinique à l’Université Masaryk de Brno en République tchèque et en Psychosomatique Intégrative à Paris. Elle a travaillé comme psychologue dans le domaine de la psychologie clinique et la psychologie du travail. Actuellement, elle a son cabinet en France.

Thérapie de troubles psychosomatiques liés au stress ou trauma La prévention et la thérapie de syndrome de burn–out professionnelle et personnelle Troubles du sommeil L’angoisse La dépression Gestion des émotions en situation de stress

Valeriya Slezko

Languages: English, Russian

Valery is finishing her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with the University of New York in Prague. She has been trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a new wave mindfulness-based therapy from the cognitive-behavioral branch, and Systemic Family Therapy. Valery has been working in private practice for over 5 years in Moscow and Prague, and is now based in Sweden.


Anxiety Depression Stress Burnout Emotional regulation Interpersonal relationships Self-development Work-life balance Culture shock Negative self-image Eating disorders Mindfulness LGBT+


                                               Mgr. Zuzana Treglerová 

Mgr. Zuzana TreglerováLanguages: English, Czech

I´ve been working with people for more than 25 years. I'm a professional coach and a psychotherapist. My professional background is a HR director at an international corporation, where I gained practical multicultural experience as part of my long-term work stays in the UK, Central Europe and South East Asia. I opened my own consulting practice in 2010, first with a focus on personal development coaching and personnel counselling, and later from 2018 I expanded my range of services to include psychotherapeutic counselling. I´ve got my education at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University and at the Prague University of Psychosocial Studies, where I´ve also completed five years of daseinsanalytic self-experienced psychotherapeutic training. I am a member of professional organizations: Czech Daseinsanalytic Association and International Coaching Federation.

Aggression and anger management ADHD, ADD Stress, anxiety, panic attacks Spiritual topics Depression Partner relationships, loneliness Sexuality a intimacy Bullying, abuse, mistreatment Loss, grief, trauma Personal Growth, Self-worth Burnout Female Issues

                                                Mgr. Bc. Eva Klimešová

Languages: Russian, Czech

Ева работает в качестве психотерапевта в Праге. Она окончила педагогический институт, теологию и в настоящее время она заканчивает прикладную этику. Она прошла тренинг по психотерапии Гештальт, свой опыт начала получать в областной службе помощи зависимым. Ева так же работала с лицами находящимся под угрозой домашнего насилия, с бывшими тюремщиками, но она работает и с людьми, которые решают жизненные ситуации как разводы, потеря близких или заинтересованы в личностном росте. В своем практике она сосредоточена и на дуже складна тема: помощь родителям, которые потеряли ребенка.

Addictions Aggression and anger management Stress, anxiety, panic attacks Spiritual topics Depression Eating disorders LGBT+ Sexuality a intimacy Bullying, abuse, mistreatment Loss, grief, trauma Personal Growth, Self-worth Burnout Female Issues

Julia Hurnievic

Languages: Polish, Russian and Belarusian

Julia holds an MA degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy at UKSW in Warsaw. Graduate of the Institute of Integral Gestalt Psychotherapy in Krakow (4 years). She gained experience during her internship at Youth Prevention and Psychotherapy Center in Warsaw and at Psychotherapy Without Stereotypes Clinic in Wroclaw. She specializes in individual psychotherapy of teenagers and adults and couple psychotherapy.

Addictions Aggression and anger management Stress, anxiety, panic attacks Depression Partner relationships, loneliness Loss, grief, trauma Personal Growth, Self-worth Female Issues

Yotam KramerYotam Kramer

Languages: English

Yotam has been a member of the Hungarian Psychological Society and Israeli Psychoanalytic and Psychotherapeutic Association since 2013. He is a PhD Candidate in Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and currently works as a private psychotherapist in Budapest. Yotam provides a wide range of psychological services for adults from the international community, short-term interventions, and educational and personality diagnostics.

Depression Children and upbringing Personal development and self-esteem Sexuality and intimacy Eating disorders Burn Out Stress, Anxiety, panic attacks Loss, grief, trauma Work life balance Addictions Communication Skills

Sebastian JamesSebastian James

Languages: English, Czech

Sebastian holds a Master’s degree in psychology and studied both in Europe and the United States. He works as a therapist with individuals and couples. He also runs groups, works as a lecturer in the corporate sector, and conducts personal development workshops all over Europe. Sebastian is fluent in English and Czech language. He´s worked with clients from 5 continents and more than 45 countries. His approach is one of honest communication, unconditional support, building trust, understanding emotions, expanding body awareness, integrating our shadow part, setting realistic goals, humor, creating a healthy work-life balance and developing important interpersonal skills & relationships.

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