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Professional Supervisors

MikeskovaMgr. Martina Mikesková
Psychologist and psychotherapist

Soulmio respects that both private and professional life are equal while supporting the idea of prevention as a tool for mental health care. I see a huge sense of purpose and a future in this. For me, Soulmio is also a space where I can realize myself as a psychotherapist and educate our clients in the long term.

Mgr. Olga Zimmermann
Psychologist, coach and facilitator

Olga works as a company psychologist, business coach, soft skills coach, and mental wellness and wellbeing counselor. She is fascinated by topics such as mindfulness, psychological safety at work and stress prevention through the development of mental resilience.

She brings experience from global IT and telecommunications corporations to her practice, and applies transactional analysis and experiential learning methods. She has a master’s degree in social and work psychology and a postgraduate degree in Business Coaching from the International Center for Business Coaching.

Olga is currently completing a biosynthesis psychotherapy training course. She coaches and facilitates training in the SK, CZ, EN and RU languages. References: IBM ISC, peopleTobusiness, UPC Broadband SK, Krokos School, Danubesoft.

Sandra FridrichováSandra Fridrichová
Mediator, coach and mentor

Sandra spent most of her working life in the world of financial corporations. Her work experience across project management, marketing, education and business development has led her to complex projects, which companies today call corporate environment transformation. She says that her mission is to revive broken and dysfunctional teams. She often finds herself in the role of a kind and steady guide to CEOs and business owners on their journeys in creating a long-term sustainable and motivating environment or the transformation from a hierarchical to a laissez-faire (and accountability-based!) management style.

Her passion is combining various tools and techniques such as coaching, mediation, non-violent communication, working with emotions with a systemic view of the corporate environment and organizational network analyses (ONA). She often points out that communication is essential to wellbeing in a company. Whether at work or personal level. She also brings this skill to Soulmio.


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