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  • Psychological Safety: How to measure it and why it matters

    Here are 7 questions to ask yourself to determine the emotional security of your workplace. Find out if it's something you can measure on your own and if so, how crucial it is.

  • Mediation as a tool for understanding others and solving conflicts in teams

    Do you actively deal with conflicts, discrepancies, and disagreements in your workplace? Or do you just leave them alone and wait for the problem to go away on its own?

  • What was mental health like in 2022? Lots of big changes and strong feelings.

    a fading pandemic. War in Ukraine and fear of the future Conflicts at work over nationality or different views Price increases and record energy prices Difficult conversations about perceived or actual layoffs Again this year, managers have not been spared at all. Join us for a reminder of the major events that have impacted the mental health of the whole society and download support materials with tips on how to take care of employees' mental wellbeing.

  • Quiet quitting: resignation to work or a healthy approach?

    Doing what you're paid for and nothing extra. That's a rough summary of the quiet quitting. For some, the phenomenon is a symbol of a healthy approach to work. For others, it's a different name for disengagement and a lack of ambition. Which side of the camp do you lean towards?

  • 4 Weeks Full of Mental Health Awareness

    How do you recognize stress from burnout? When can stress be good for you? What stops employees from being authentic at work? How do you support your colleague without holding a degree in psychology? How do you lead caring, not patronizing conversations?

  • Mental Health Awareness Month: Making Mental Health Taboo-Less And Simple

    This May, we are joining the Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM) that Mental Health America has recognized since 1949. Our English speaking clients can be looking forward to the thematic content that we're preparing with our therapists and consultants.

  • Workplace conflicts over war or nationality? How to deal with them as a manager?

    The team pits Czech and Ukrainian workers against Russian ones. Colleagues verbally attack each other. People argue and emotionally pile up. Superiors are pressuring you for results. In the middle of it all, you as the manager, and the team expects you to sort it all out—a challenging situation. But you're far from alone in this.

  • How To Help Employees Affected By The War In Ukraine

    How to deal with intense emotions in the team during the current crisis situations? How HR department and team leaders can help? How can leaders take care of both their team members' and their own mental health? Here's what Soulmio psychologists Martina Mikeskova and psychotherapist Jiri Dohnal suggest.

  • Anxiety and fear of war? How can we manage intense emotions?

    Anxiety is a normal reaction to any situation in which we feel threatened. And the case itself, where war is closer than we would like, naturally falls into this category. We are overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness, fear, panic. Our insides clench. (text in English and Ukrainian)

  • Psychological help when war is near (and important links)

    Probably none of us expected that one day we would wake up to a situation that Europe had not seen for decades. We found ourselves within sight of a war conflict that has suddenly exposed our security of life and perception of safety to a huge emotional earthquake. (article in English and Ukrainian)

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