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  • How To Work With Your Energy This Summer

    It feels almost 'mandatory' to be active in summer. Even during the moments, some would call rest. Biking, running, walks and swimming… Observe what brings you joy and what you only do because you feel you 'have to'.

  • Summer tips for a better well-being

    When was the last time you took an afternoon nap? And while tasting blueberries, did you notice all the nuances of their flavour? Did you get excited by their dark full colour? It may sound like details but research and anecdotal evidence suggest that these details positively influence your mental health and focus, decrease stress and bring you happiness.

  • 4 tips on how to let your brain take summer vacation

    Tick off all the tasks before you set yourself on a vacation. Do as many activities as possible during your days off. And when you return back to work, dive into all the e-mails that nobody took care of while you were away. How can you enjoy your summer holidays without making it just another chore with a deadline?

  • How to Ensure That Your Employees Live and Breathe Your Company Culture

    Many companies are built on a great idea, passion and energy of several people. Soon, they grow and consist of teams where enthusiasm alone is not enough to maintain love for their employer.

  • Self-Love - How to Nurture and Grow It

    You often write to me to tell me that you are inspired by my drive, enthusiasm and energy. What do I write to you? That I look forward to being mutually inspired. And what do I receive back from you? “Well, I am just so ordinary.” Total nonsense. No one is just ordinary!

  • The Return to the Office

    Are you on the Yay, Back to Work! or the Can I Stay at Home team? Whichever team you are on, you will have to deal with returning to the office. A quick advice: At the beginning, be kind and patient to yourself and your colleagues.

  • How to Take Care of Mental Health in a Company? Look for Sustainability and Long-Term Effects

    Demand for mental health care directly in companies is on the rise and it will not stop with the end of the state of emergency and more relaxed measures in the spring.

  • Mental Health and Leaders

    The familiar safety instructions you hear on a plane say: “Put on your own mask first before assisting others.” This rule also applies to leaders. First, I have to take care of myself to be able to help others. It never works the other way around.

  • Uncertainty and Extreme Workload Are Burnout’s Best Friends

    The global pandemic of COVID-19 and related measures have had a major effect on our society. How does our mental state cope with the new situation? We talked about it with Marie Součková.

  • 7 Tips for Better Self-Organization

    The art of self-organization may come with age. However, we may just need to realize that our inner chaos easily transfers onto things and activities that we do.

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