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  • 7 Tips for Better Self-Organization

    The art of self-organization may come with age. However, we may just need to realize that our inner chaos easily transfers onto things and activities that we do.

  • Nearly Three Quarters of Companies Do Not Address the Mental Wellbeing of Their Employees

    90% of employees experience long-term work stress, yet nearly three quarters of companies in the Czech Republic do not provide any targeted care for the mental wellbeing of their people. Those were the results of the second wave of a survey we conducted among Czech employees in October 2020.

  • What Can a Company Do for the Wellbeing of Its People?

    People's mental wellbeing is a very important, but relatively new topic. A few years ago, wellbeing received very little attention in companies. Companies did not know how to grasp this topic and focused only on performance, not on the company atmosphere or aspects that create people's mental wellbeing.

  • Are You Not Happy in Your Relationship? Couples Therapy Can Change That.

    Partnerships and marriages go through various phases over the years. And, naturally, also crises. It is natural and we are usually able to deal with them with grace and dignity. However, there are situations that we can no longer handle on our own and that is when couples therapy can help. Today, we will talk about couples therapy with our psychologist and relationship therapist PhDr. Marek Hošek.

  • 10 Questions for Psychologist Marie Součková

    In this post from our “10 Questions” series, we talked to the psychologist, lecturer and Wellbeing Diagnostics supervisor Marie Součková about changes in the work environment, motivating people and identifying work competencies.

  • Growth or Fixed Mindset. How Is Your Mindset Set Up?

    Do you know what children have in common at an early age? Their minds are endless, they literally know no limits. In addition to being able to enjoy the little things, they are able to enjoy every emotion as they see fit and live in the present.

  • 10 Questions for Coach and Mentor Nikola Šraibová

    In today's 10 questions, we will talk to another member of our Soulmio team, Nikola Šraibová, a relationship coach who focuses her workshops and articles mainly on improving communication and finding emotional stability.

  • 10 Questions for Simona Zábržová

    In every post of our “10 Questions” series, we will introduce one of our colleagues who works in Soulmio, investing their energy, drive and enthusiasm. We kick off the first one with Simona Zábržová, our founder and CEO.

  • What Is Mental Wellness?

    We were interested in finding out how employees perceived mental health care provided by their employers these days. That is why we conducted a detailed anonymous survey among 203 employees of various companies in April 2020, just before the lockdown. The survey focused on Mental Health in Companies.

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