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4 tips on how to let your brain take summer vacation

Tick off all the tasks before you set yourself on a vacation. Do as many activities as possible during your days off. And when you return back to work, dive into all the e-mails that nobody took care of while you were away. How can you enjoy your summer holidays without making it just another chore with a deadline?

The first package of tips from our special series Feel OK In Summer were written by Nikola Šraibová, a couch and a mentor. In Soulmio, Nikola facilitates various workshops on better team cooperation and happier life. We wish you a beautiful and relaxing summer.

Write down, what you want your days off to look like and what you're willing to give up temporarily to the benefit of relaxation. 

It pays off to plan your rest so that your mind can prepare for it. Create a clear idea and intention of what you want your vacation to look like. It'll help you to relax fully and ignore the phone calls from your colleagues or tasks you left unfinished. Write down a simple checklist, schedule desired activities in a calendar or draw a mind map.

Let others know when you're going to be unavailable. Put your laptop and smartphone in a drawer and turn off all notifications on your smartwatch.

We tend to be online every day. Our brain is often disturbed by phone calls, messages or e-mails that we constantly get notified about. It leads to overload, stress and nervosity. During the days off, use any opportunity to unplug. It's very refreshing to leave all the screens and enjoy summer fully: Here and now.

Spend some time in a cottage with no wi-fi and no working desk. Play board games with your kids and friends, explore nature or just relax on a terrace and do nothing. 

The place where you work every day and do your chores forces you to stay in the same routines during your days off, too. From time to time, it's nice to change the environment and spend a whole week differently than it's usual for you. 

Learn to say NO to everything that you don't want to do on your vacation. Say YES to everything that you long for.

You're supposed to meet all the family members and friends you haven't seen in a year. Instead, you'd rather spend a week alone. Positive “selfishness” isn't bad at all. Quite the opposite: You're going to feel so much better after you spend summer doing what you like.

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Author: Nikola Sraibova, Lenka Mydlova

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