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4 Weeks Full of Mental Health Awareness

How do you recognize stress from burnout? When can stress be good for you? What stops employees from being authentic at work? How do you support your colleague without holding a degree in psychology? How do you lead caring, not patronizing conversations?

During May, we've tried to answer the most common questions our users have about individual and corporate well-being. The most crucial know-how from the series is now available to you: Download the attached e-book and learn mental health essentials for managers (and others, too). 

The series was a part of the May initiative called Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM) that Mental Health America has recognized since 1949. As we at Soulmio directly support companies in creating healthy workplaces, it was clear we would join the initiative, too.

Following this year's claim Back To Basics, we aimed to remind employees of a simple thing:

Taking care of your mental health is as essential and ordinary as is taking care of your muscles and shape.


Managers as the team well-being guardians

In the series, we looked at mental health from individual and team points of view, and organizational perspectives. Managers were our main focal point as we find them crucial mental health ambassadors and main team well-being guardians.

Reading was just the beginning. The series also included activating tasks and reflections, guided relaxation and mindfulness techniques, recorded lectures with psychologists and live broadcasts on Burnout Prevention or the opportunity to discuss the topics individually with therapists from Soulmio Psychological Counseling. 

E-book: Mental Health Minimum 

The most important from the series is now available to you. Download the e-book and learn essentials for managers (and others, too). 
📥 The Minimum Every Manager Should Know about Their Team Mental Health


The e-book contains:

  • Manager's role in the corporate mental health care
  • How to find out if your colleague needs help
  • Leading supportive, not patronizing conversations
  • The minimum you should know about burnout
  • Proven tips on sustaining your health
  • Grounding technique to handle anxiety

Would you like to invite your employees into Mental Wellness, offer them live streams with rich and digestible know-how delivered by the therapists and provide them with professional and discrete online psychological counseling? Send us a message - we are happy to tell you more.

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