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How To Work With Your Energy This Summer

It feels almost 'mandatory' to be active in summer. Even during the moments, some would call rest. Biking, running, walks and swimming… Observe what brings you joy and what you only do because you feel you 'have to'.

When you feel tired, are you still happy? Or do you feel exhausted for no apparent reason? For inspiration, read our tips on how to keep your energy level high. 

The tips were written by Martina Wojtylová Opava. In her work, Martina focuses on coaching women in the areas of energy management, work-life balance, parenting vs. ambitions and well-being.

Joy! Here and now

During summer, the sun and warm days usually bring us more joy than the rest of the year. Try to be aware of these moments and be ‘here and now'. Endorphins from summer will be very much needed during fall! 

Enjoy summer moments fully and consciously

  • Taste new ice cream flavour. What does it look like? What does it taste like? Are you surprised by the taste
  • When you're in the park, forest or by the river or pond, notice colours. How are they different from Spring or Fall? What feelings do they bring to your mind?
  • Play with your mind.
    Dive into the water. If you're feeling cold try to observe your reaction and don't let it overwhelm you.Are you able to reframe your feeling from Oh, it's so cold! To It's funny how cold water can be!
    If you don't like heat try the same exercise when the sun shines brightly.

Calm your mind

Long days inspire us to a joyous frolicking. Keep in mind that we need rest, too. Find some time during the day for short breathwork or meditation. In the evening, a simple reflection can help you to ‘cleanse your soul’. 

Here’s what you can do to calm yourself

  • Write down three things that made you happy during the day. Or three things you learnt. Or three things you’d pat yourself on the back for. 
  • Spend ideally 15 minutes practising body scan. Lay down and close your eyes. Observe your body and breath. One by one, bring attention to individual parts of your body. Start from the toes, finish with the crown of your head. 
  • Try one of the exercises with your children or partner. You’ll both relax and spend some quality time together. 


In summer, it’s easier to build and nourish our relationships. During warmer months, we engage in new conversations and make new friends with ease. Perhaps it's thanks to the fact that we spend more time outside. For our well-being, the quality of our relationships is critical. Take this summer as an opportunity to build new fresh relationships and forgive and make peace with people you have known for a long time. 

Healthy energy for your soul

Healthy energy into our body, mind and soul! In summer, we prefer salads and light meals. The same approach can be applied to our mental health. 

Break routine and your mental health will thank you

  • What theatre plays or movies are you planning to watch?
  • What food for thought is on your to-do list?
  • What healthy, fresh and inspiring places do you intend to visit to recharge your energy? 

Authors: Martina Wojtylová Opava, Lenka Mydlová

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