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Mental Health Awareness Month: Making Mental Health Taboo-Less And Simple

This May, we are joining the Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM) that Mental Health America has recognized since 1949. Our English speaking clients can be looking forward to the thematic content that we're preparing with our therapists and consultants.

We aim to remind people simple thing. Taking care of their mental health, well-being, reducing stress, building resilience and preventing burnout - both theirs and their team members - is as important and ordinary as doing sports or eating healthily. 

We're starting with an area everybody's familiar with: Fluctuating energy levels, emotions we feel and can't describe, worrying about things we can't change or how to come out stronger from stressful situations. 

We encourage employees to take an active part, too. We know, that understanding the current state of one's mind tells people more about their inner self than any article can. 

Therefore, besides reading theme includes: 

  • 3 activating tasks and reflections
  • 45min video talk by our therapist on how to strengthen your mental resilience
  • 7minutes guided mindfulness technique for building resilience
  • Option to book online counseling with Soulmio therapists

Following MHAM 2022 claim Back To Basics, in May the employees can be looking forward to: 

  • Each May week, one rich and digestible topic on mental health 
  • Know-how by psychologists and therapists
  • Downloadable activating tasks and reflections 
  • Thematic live stream recordings
  • Audio-guided mindfulness and relaxation techniques
  • Live stream: Burnout - recognize the signs and learn to deal with it

The topics cover all elements that contribute to creating well-being in the workplace: From an individual to a whole company.

  • (me) Get to know yourself: How well have you been lately? 
  • (me) Dealing with the most common health issues at work: Stress, anxiety and burnout
  • (team) Leaders: Why your mental health matters to your team
  • (team/comp) Mental health at the workplace

Would you like to invite your employees into Mental Wellness, offer them live streams with rich and digestible know-how delivered by the therapists and provide them with professional and discrete online counseling? Send us a message - we are happy to tell you more.

Join the Soulmio program. 

Or do you need to start small? We can help with that, too. Write to us and find out how you can get to know us via company webinars or online counseling.  

Feel free to contact Vladka Dvorakova @ vladka@soulmio.com



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