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Use Summer To Clean Up Your Mind

Sometimes, our mind needs immediate care. At another time, it cleanses itself while we immerse ourselves in pleasant, relaxing and enriching activities. I chose four tips typical for the summer season. However, you can try them during the rest of the year, too. 

Why summer? After all, we are still mammals and our biorhythm is operated by both day-and-moon cycle and by seasons. Summer is a time of abundance and gaining energy for winter months. Some species hibernate or run on a lower energy mode.  

And so do we. May the end of summer bring us many sunny days so that we can draw energy for the upcoming darker, tranquil season.  

Stare at the Fire

Since ancient times, fire has been a symbol of safety and rest. Once our ancestors mastered the art of making fire they gained a powerful tool to defend themselves from wild animals and new tool to prepare meals. Perhaps that is why until today, staring at the fire brings us calm and tranquility. Together with grilled meat, making fire is an essential part of every summer. Moreover, the study shows that watching fire flames decreases blood pressure.  

Some people use fire and flame to cleanse their mind, too. Try the simple intuitive technique, too: Write down a list of things that you want to let go. Not to repress or inhibit them but remove them from your life - once you have managed to process them. Then all you have to do is to organize a nice evening, make fire, give yourself a space to think about the topics you have listed down and then set them on fire. 

Set on a Journey

Traveling - movement outside - often moves something in our mind and soul, too. While we embark on a journey, we have time to think about ourselves, find our inner self and our worth. While our home is becoming more distant, we tend to dive into the depths of our identity that is abraded by experiences and contact with the unknown, different culture and values.  

Traveling also disrupts our work stress, disturbs our work routine and helps us step back and reflect on our daily stereotypes. Eventual difficulties that we encounter on the way help us improve our mental resilience. 

Enjoy Sunny Days

Researchers claim that it only takes 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure a day to gain health benefits. Our body needs sun to generate vitamin D that is often associated with good immunity and covid-19 prevention and cure. 

Sun contributes to generation of serotonin: One of the basic hormones that contributes to a calm mind. Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression and anxiety. Sunlight also helps our body release carbon monoxide that widens blood veins and decreases blood preasure. 

Go Out

Our ancestors spent the majority of time outside. It's only the last generation that is mostly hiding inside. Nevertheless, it's a well known fact that spending time in nature has significant health benefits. In Japan, people practice shinrin-yoku known in the West as forest bathing: Immersion in forest with all senses, full perception of environment and tuning into your here and now.

Research shows that a walk in nature decreases a level of cortisol (stress hormone). As a result, our blood pressure and stress drop, our immune system is boosted and it is a great burnout prevention. A list of benefits could go on and on. However, long-term studies on the topic are missing. Therefore, take the information with a grain of salt. 

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Authors: Milan Pavlíček, Lenka Mydlová

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