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What Is Mental Wellness?

We were interested in finding out how employees perceived mental health care provided by their employers these days. That is why we conducted a detailed anonymous survey among 203 employees of various companies in April 2020, just before the lockdown. The survey focused on Mental Health in Companies.

Although no email address was required to complete the survey, 91% of respondents provided their email address to receive the survey results. It is an important signal for me that shows that mental health is a sought-after and desired topic at work. The results also proved to me what I, as the director of several companies, used to experience myself very often.

And it was not just me, I also saw it in my team. Mental health has had and always will have a direct impact on efficiency, error rates in decision-making and the overall work performance across various companies and fields. Current times do not allow people to be alone with their thoughts and give them time to think. We are fast, overinformed and super performing. We often voluntarily choose to run a sprint which tends to end with various undesirable mental ups and downs.

Mental health has a direct impact on work efficiency.

Over the years in business, I have learned that everyone deserves to be accepted and understood. And everyone is doing the best they can at the time. However, whenever I started to think about it a bit more, I couldn’t help but think: “How can this be done in my company? How can I approach 300 people individually? That’s impossible. On top of that, I don’t have time to pay attention to everyone separately. Well, I will pick the top performers and focus on them. Hmm, but that won’t work, it could demotivate others. And what if they don’t really want to confide in me because they are embarrassed or simply don’t want to let me in that close. That’s their right, of course. So, what can we do about this?"

A useful program for my colleagues and I

Essentially, I needed a useful program for myself and my colleagues that would provide care for our health through some “spa procedures”. But differently for each of us. Some people may need burnout prevention, others are after rapid development, some want to advance to a different position but don’t know whether they have sufficient competencies and where they still have some room for improvement, others just need to talk. There are hundreds of such combinations. I basically needed mental wellness for the entire company and had no idea how to do that. As I have mentioned, this was not only about the team, it was about me, too. Because no one wants to watch their boss lose drive and energy while sometimes being irritating even to themselves.

Mental wellness topics in companies

In addition to depression, anxiety and burnout, research shows that we also often deal with the feeling of not being respected in the company, not having a clear vision or not being able to give feedback. Some would be interested in time management training, others in doing meditation at work. Whether our soul or heart is suffering or we are just having a bad day, it definitely does not mean that our lives are bad. Well, that is if we take good care of our lives that are based on real values of our inner mindset.

I spent a lot of time looking for services to arrange for my colleagues that would be affordable and therefore available to everyone, that could be used anonymously and where solutions would be selected depending on the topic limiting the given individual. There are plenty of meditation, breathing basics and similar apps. But I wanted the widest possible but also a highly professional scope of services.

The idea behind the comprehensive Soulmio program

Ranging from me or my colleagues being able to talk to a psychologist online at any time, to meditation, live streams and professional career consulting. That is where the idea behind Soulmio, a comprehensive mental wellness program, originated. Because in Soulmio (mio = mine), we truly care how you feel, how you keep developing, what slows you down, what bothers you, where your feelings stem from and how you process them, and we look for a solution for every topic.


Author: Simona Zábržová, CEO Soulmio.com

Interested in mental wellness? We would be happy to take care of your company! Send us a message at: simona@soulmio.com. The results of the entire survey conducted in April are available here

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