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Employee Wellbeing Workshops

workshopy pro firemní wellbeingOur workshops tailored to the needs of your company, a specific team or your managers, are an excellent tool for enhancing relationships between colleagues, resolving issues that are currently bothering you, and improving the overall company dynamics.

  • We will help your teams understand mental health and wellbeing.
  • We will equip you with our extensive know-how and practical experience.
  • We will focus on the resources that are available to you and on their potential.
  • We will support the proper setting and meeting of team and personal objectives.
  • We will recommend the most relevant psychological and developmental topics.
  • The duration and content of the workshops are adapted to your company.

Get inspired by popular wellbeing topics

Mental health in 2021

Long before COVID-19 brought unexpected limitations and uncertainty to our lives, psychologists and mental health professionals were already talking about the impact of stress faced by modern society. Today, in the midst of a pandemic, there is more than that. We have to learn to adapt quickly, integrate new work styles and find the optimum balance for our lives. With this workshop, we would like to shed light on risks to mental health in 2021 and potential prevention methods.

Fixed versus growth mindset

What are the key differences between a fixed and a growth mindset? How does our mindset affect our decision-making? How can we change our mindset to ensure that it does not limit us and allows us to grow?

How to build healthier relationships

Healthy relationships allow us to express our individuality and support growth. How is a relationship actually formed? How do we keep our relationships healthy and heal the toxic ones?

Work and its impact on personal life

How can a reasonable and excessive workload affect the relationship with our partner? How to establish and maintain healthy boundaries between personal and professional life? What can we do for our partners and what can they do for us when we are “drowning in work”?

How to form habits and keep them for life

What is a healthy habit and why do we need it for our wellbeing? Which activities bring us closer to achieving our goals? Do we make sure not to forget to reward ourselves properly for our hard work and effort? Whatever your goals are, our workshop will guide you through introducing habits that will improve your daily life.

How to help a colleague in a crisis

Crises are part of life and any of us may go through one at some point. The ability to recognize signs of a crisis in a colleague and provide friendly support can help prevent a crisis from having much more serious consequences. We will talk about how to provide support by developing a non-critical approach, empathy and respect for boundaries.


In the past, in order to prevent various diseases, people had to perform simple activities every day such as washing their hands, brushing their teeth, showering, etc. Similarly to our physical bodies, our mind needs simple activities every day that will help it stay mentally fit. In this workshop, we talk about simple activities and small steps that anyone can do. These are activities that can prevent the onset of a mental illness and improve our overall wellbeing.

 How to promote employee wellbeing

In this workshop, we focus on the critical areas of employee wellbeing, such as physical wellbeing, mental resilience, financial skills, and relationships. It is especially useful for managers who will then be able to analyze and find out how to improve the overall wellbeing of their people, and inspire and motivate their teams in this area.

Happy mindset

Happiness is a beautiful life goal for many of us. However, one cannot rely on it just coming out of nowhere. During our workshop, you will learn, for example, why different realities are equally true for their proponents or why a sincere interest in others is a way to happiness.

Life management for women

Planning is a key to satisfaction. Planning is also effective stress prevention. However, the question is: “Do we plan in a way that satisfies our true needs? Physical, psychological, social and spiritual?” Together, we will learn how and what should be planned to achieve harmony.

How to understand and work with emotions

How should you process a sudden rush of emotions? Which techniques can you use to get them under control? How can you ensure healthy long-term processing of emotions? Why does it get so difficult for us to live with them sometimes? The workshop aims to show how we could handle emotions better. To explain why emotions appear and how emotional burdens affect our bodies.

How to build resilience

Today, as the pandemic has crippled our normal way of life and forced the society to face great insecurity, we have been given a chance to cultivate something very important - our inner resilience. Resilience is a strength that has always helped us go through tough times, learn and gain experience. This workshop is designed to show you how you should approach your resources and build your resilient leader.

Positive communication towards yourself and others

Our inner monologue and toxic communication with our surroundings are our greatest energy outflows. Positive communication focuses on energy typology and 4 energy languages to ensure that we all understand each other. You will also learn how to prevent negative communication and how powerful a positive word can be for perceiving ourselves and the people around us.

Psychological safety at work

According to research by Amy Edmondson, one has a “human need to feel safe at work in order to grow, learn, contribute, and perform effectively in a rapidly changing world.” An environment, where people are not afraid to take risks, is essential to successful teams and it is the key to supporting innovation in the workplace. We encourage managers to look at ways they can create a psychologically safe environment in their teams to improve their performance and overall wellbeing.

How to achieve an effective personal transformation

The workshop is intended for everyone who is aware of their own responsibility for their life and happiness. Let's not look for someone out there to make our life full. All the wealth we have is hidden within us. During this workshop, we will reveal specific techniques for readjusting from what you have been experiencing to what you truly want to experience. You can look forward to a live guided meditation at the end for deep forgiveness to yourself.

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