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Wellbeing Video Diagnostics

Wellbeing diagnostics are recommended to everyone who wants to improve their mental wellbeing in all life situations, including the difficult ones. This service is the starting point for adaptive management of work stress, burnout prevention, coping with emotional tension in relationships, and emotional learning.

It is beneficial to everyone who is willing to face the mirror, gain a deeper understanding of how they operate mentally, and receive specific recommendations from a psychologist regarding what and how they should focus on in order to improve their mental wellbeing.

What will you gain from our Wellbeing Video Diagnostics?

  • psychological insight into the patterns of thinking, experience and behavior that contribute to mental wellbeing
  • mapped out stress and emotion management skills – in regard to performance, (not only) work relationships and personal relationships
  • detailed interpretation of the results by a psychologist – strengths, what to build on, space for improvement and limits – what to work on
  • specific recommendations for further personal development and wellbeing improvement

Sample outputs from our Wellbeing Video Diagnostics

Part 1: Psychological profile

A unique profile of the participant describing the strengths and risk points for their wellbeing.

You will find out whether they can handle working under pressure, how effective their strategies for coping with stress are, to what extent they organize their time based on their energy and resources, and how they work in interpersonal relationships emotionally.

The Wellbeing Video Diagnostics is assessed by an experienced psychologist. In addition to an evaluation of the individual areas expressed as a percentage, you will also receive an independent verbal assessment.

Part 2: Participant self-assessment

Participant self-assessment is based on a comparison of the psychological evaluation and the participant’s self-assessment in the individual areas.
The psychologist’s comparison of the subjective and the objective assessments will show how close the participant’s self-reflection comes to an independent assessment. It may reveal "blind spots" that may affect the participant’s wellbeing without the participant knowing.

Part 3: Interpretation of the results with the psychologist 

The wellbeing diagnostics may be followed by a video interview with the psychologist to support the participant in the implementation of follow-up steps aimed at enhancing their wellbeing, both in their professional and personal environments.


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