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We support the mental health of your employees

Soulmio is a modern comprehensive online program focusing on the mental health and wellbeing of employees in companies. It addresses various areas of the human psyche, actively promotes the prevention of mental health issues in personal and professional life, and gives companies an effective tool to boost employee productivity, efficiency, satisfaction, and loyalty. 

wellbeing in companies

Source: Soulmio survey, 270 respondents, October 2020

Not only warning figures and situation in society, but also a personal experience with burnout have led us to the idea of starting a comprehensive program that promotes employee mental health care directly in companies. Which is exactly the place where employees encounter psychological stress and conflict resolution on a daily basis.

Why Soulmio?

SOUL + MIO (mine)

With our program, we are hoping to open a dialogue on the need for mental health care in companies. We explain the importance of mental wellbeing for our productivity, success as well as for building a partnership with and loyalty to the company in which we work.


Source: Soulmio survey, 270 respondents, October 2020

How does Soulmio help?

The Soulmio program is based on 4 basic pillars which we have built and are constantly developing further thanks to our team of experienced and certified experts. That is why we can provide support to your employees facing various life situations. We build our services on the professional know-how and extensive experience of our team. That allows us to provide your employees with maximum support in various life situations.

Online counseling

  • 20+ psychologists and psychotherapists
  • 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily
  • Online therapy and consultations on a wide range of psychology topics
  • Coverage across the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Online sessions via Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, e-mail or phone

Mental Wellness Prevention Platform

  • Live streams with a psychologist
  • Live meditation sessions
  • Expert videos with a psychologist
  • Lifestyle videos with a coach
  • 100+ expert articles
  • Regular educational newsletters
  • Mental Health Days

Consultations for HR

An independent consultation with an experienced professional for HR directors, HR managers, HR business partners and HR specialists. It will give you an independent view of a person who has many years of experience in your field as well as overlap with psychology, business, leadership and innovation.

Company workshops and webinars

We use the many years of our experience when holding our training sessions on the most sensitive and sought-after business-psychological topics, including but not limited to personal and team development, directly in companies. We always adapt the specific topics to the team and the needs of the company.

work-life balance

Source: Soulmio survey, 270 respondents, October 2020

Will Soulmio become part of your employee benefit program?

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